Back to School

So, here we all are again. One always senses a certain flatness among customers at this time of year, a feeling that the holiday’s over, and we’ve all got our noses back to the grindstone. We see a big drop-off in trade in August, which is expected, as a third of you are away. It’s also welcome, as we all go on our hols too! As we move to September, it seems to be that people have to balance a budget-consciousness brought about by the excesses of the summer, with a need to quench the post-holiday blues. Thankfully, it all fades at about the same rate as the tan, and by October we will all be back to business as usual, but for now, what to recommend drinking in this interim?

Many try to recreate their summer. If the weather is anything like, we continue to sell Rosé by the caseload, especially Southern French Rosé such as Le Secret du Saint Pierre, and plenty of beer-for-the-beach such as our own Lost Pier Paddleboarder.  Other drinks have returned from summer holiday to make their debuts; it’s no coincidence that over the years September has seen our first requests for Picpoul de Pinet (the ultimate summer, South-of-France, oysters-and-white-wine option, that has now gone mainstream).

If the weather’s off the pace, autumn drinking kicks in early, which means we start to sell WhiskyBordeaux and Argentinian Malbec suddenly returns from hibernation. The beer drinkers start to look at darker, more potent brews and we’ll begin to put the stouts and the porters onto the draught taps.

Whatever you fancy, you won’t be wrong!


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