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By Toby Peirce

So, it’s our favourite season of the year and a lovely time to start our inaugural blog.

So, what’s in vogue? Some drinks, of course, are strictly seasonal. Others just happen to be popular right now. There are a few rare bevvies that happen to be both and gin in the early summer is definitely one of those. Who can resist watching the sun go down through a gently beaded bowl, ice clinking, slice and a sprig swimming alluringly in the telltale bluish liquid? We have a few favourites right now, and one or two other little secrets, so here (and in no particular order) are our Five Golden Rules of Gin:

1/. Fancy gin and simple tonic, or simple gin and fancy tonic, but not both.If you’ve just dropped £35+ on your best craft gin, don’t then fill it with aromatic flavoured tonic and five different herbs and fruits. You’ve paid to taste the gin, so just buy a nice plain tonic (Fever Tree, Folkington’s) and keep the garnish to one or at most two items.

2/. Try a wine glass. If you don’t have a specialist gin bowl (and we’ll happily sell you one; they look like a miniature goldfish bowl on a stalk), try a nice large wine glass, especially a wide-bowled one. It gives the drink a chance to mix nicely with any garnish, and brings the scents (‘botanicals’) out better.

3/. Keep your herb garden ready for drinks as much as for food. A great way to enliven a plainer gin (or, dare we say it, a cheaper one that somehow finds its way into the supermarket trolley) is to bung in fistfuls of your favourite herb, something you wouldn’t normally consider. We’ve had a lot of joy round our way with the rosemary, which is commonly used, and sage, which isn’t.

4/. Don’t forget the vermouth. Or the Campari. Or the elderflower cordial. Or the bitters. In all sorts of cominations. But, try not to do it with your best craft gin!

5/. If all else fails, try GinFusion! These brilliant boxes cost £20 for a pack of 20 sachets (each sachet can be used a couple of times too!). Simply throw a slug of your gin into the glass, empty in a sachet of dried ingredients (labelled Citrus, Rose, Spice or Tropical) for about 10 minutes and let it all stew together. Ice, tonic, done. Instant flavours!

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